Hydraulic Tension System Tie Rod for Gangsaw

Hydraulic Tension System Tie Rod for Gangsaw

The tie rods and hydraulic tension systems can ve used all brand gangsaw machines. We manufacture tie rods and tension system for Simec Gangsaw, Barsanti Gangsaw, Mks Gangsaw, Toksel Gangsaw, Pedrini Gangsaw, Breton Gangsaw, BM and BM Dragon Gangsaw etc… We mean for all of italian gangsaw, turkish gangsaw, chinese gangsaw. *All the bolts are made in Europe. Low quality materials are not used.

Our Tensioner and Tie Rods:

  • Double tensioner and double frame tie rods
  • Normal tensioner and normal frame tie rods
  • Longly and shortly tie rods
  • Screw chasis tie rods
  • Non screw chasis tie rods

turkish-tie-rods_ tie-rods-tensioner-gangsaw_ stone-hydraulic-tensioner_ katrak-hidrolik-gergi-maşa_

turkish-gangsaw-hydraulic-systems turkish-bergibo-tensioning-system tie-rods-katrak-gergi-sistemi stone-cutter-gangsaw-equipments

stone-block-cutter-Screw-chasis-tie-rods  katrak-hidrolik-gergi-sistemleri-bergibo-marchetti italy-gangaw-tensioning-systems italian-gangsaw-hydraulic-systems

hydraulic-tensioner gangsaw-tie-rods-blade-holder gangsaw-tensioning-sytems gangsaw-hydraulic-tensioner

gangsaw-hydraulic-systems-stone-marble Double-tensioner-double-frame-tie-rods block-cutting-machine-tensioner bergibo-hidrolik-gergi-sistemleri