The Marmara marble is a very famous white marble from Turkiye in the world. All marble producers in the world knows that it is Equator marble. There are different types of this marble; silver white marble, nuvolata marble, striato olimpico marble, pajama white marble, homogeneous white marble and bianca panda marble etc…

The Marmara White Marble can be found on all sorts of buildings, from mosques, to hammams, public spaces, archaeological sarcophagus tombs and more. For example Hagia Sophia, Masjid Aksa
in Jerusalem…etc…

Applied Standart
Product Code / ID6.07273.1G_21.1Q
Petrographic NameMarble
Area of UseageOutdoor & Indoor
Hardness (mohs)3.7
Unit Volume Weight 2.69 gr / cm3
Water Absorption%0.1
Description 1Q=First Quality



marmara_white_marble_1quality marmara_block

marmara_white_block marmara-onequality-marble

marmara-white-marble-island white-marble-homogen marmara_beige_white

marmara_block_marble marmara-marble-white-beige